Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 402

Hello Deskers! I have a small surprise for you. There's space on my desk. Before you break out the trumpets and hang out the flags though, be looking at the picture.

Space. Not tidied so much; achieved by finishing stuff, moving stuff around and needing to make a card. I used the Hero Arts stamp you see on the desk. The dies in front of the easel are from another card I made at the weekend, and the Perspex box a left contains my collection of gems and shinies, used on yet another card. I may be on to something here....The little canvas on the easel is awaiting repair still. I had hoped to find another copy of the picture but I can't, so I'm walking around it again. My lovely useful office lamp looks perfectly placed and quite benign doesn't it. Well, it's not. Last night the bulb blew. And I mean blew...the glass balloon part blew off and left the filament and screwy in bit lodged in the screwy in bit bit, humming! I don't know why, but despite jumping about three feet into the air, I managed not to scream, or (impressively) swear, but I'm thinking about insuring my hands!
Please to join in and show and tell about your own desk/work station. It's fun, it's free and it's friendly. Can't do better than that!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Flexing my flexibility

I've been trying incredibly hard to curtail the purchasing of stash until I've achieved a visible dent in the stash I've already got. By this, I mean that I'm trying to use scrapbook papers and embellishments. I'm afraid I cant 'use up' stamps in the same manner, and they will continue to multiply on my shelves...although in far fewer numbers so far this year - I've been quite/almost strong.
On that basis, I challenged myself for my first workshop to use stuff that I had, rather than cracking open a bunch of new stuff. You know, proving that I didn't buy something for a single idea, making the most of what I've got...yep, being creative and therefore flexible.
It worked, in the main. The pom pom was new - it came from Baker Ross, but you can forgive that surely - technically you see, I didn't buy it! I blow hot and cold about this brick wall embossing folder - for ages I wondered why I'd bought it, and then I have a fit of ideas for it and think it's indispensable. When I use it the right way around of course. I'm pretty sure the 'grouting' effect that using it the wrong way around gives a card is really very useful, but I have to admit to it being a swear inducer. I have more work to do when it comes to my flexibility in getting the ideas out of my head and onto the card. But I'm claiming this as a double success - old(ish) stash and a card suitable for a man. Modest of me, I know, but I call that a result!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 401

Truth be told, there's work on my workdesk. Not very exciting, but certainly inspiring. Or motivational - as soon as I've done it, it doesn't need to be on the desk and I can get back to card making. Or sorting out some kits for a scrapbooking session. It's all to do!
Last year's accounts book features because the VAT return for our last quarter awaits, and it includes November and December. More interestingly, a Bluetooth speaker awaits my attention. See, we went to visit my lovely mate Jan and her fabulous Gordon at the weekend. Among all the non-stop talking was a segment where I may have moaned about the volume on my iPad. I trail it around the house with me, listening to talking books, and in the kitchen, I struggle to hear it if the kettle's on or the taps are running. Gordon just calmly said - 'oh, you need a Bluetooth speaker' and a light bulb went on in my head! He'll never know what a brilliant and simple answer this will be. Well, he will, of course, for I shall credit him with a modicum of brilliance if I can get the speaker to go. I can't quite get over the simplicity of it all - I mean, why on earth hadn't I thought of it? Strictly rhetorical question, friends!
So there we are gentle Desker, the shape of my Wednesday desk work is before you. It will improve. I expect a lot of your desks feature Valentine cards  - I shall look forward to the inspiration! Share and tell, there's a good person.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 400

400. A nice big fat round number. I know it should be a great anniversary type number really, but we do all that on the annual anniversary which is always a very odd, Un-round, sharp looking number! Still, please be upstanding and applauding your very self, for without your contribution this nose around the desks of the world wouldn't happen and although I haven't blogged much since THAT operation, you've stayed with it and frankly, I admire you! So much that this week you get a horrifying close up :
I finally got myself the TH Crazy Birds. No dies, no extras, just the birds; and have spent a couple hours playing. All the black letters are destined for the bin, they were too big in relation to the bird. The TH alphabet die you see is discarded, destined to be placed back in the die store. It wasn't too big, but ohemgee, too fiddly for the phrase I wanted to use. Dirty water still there, but more safely placed. And it might be dirty, but I've used it again. Slattern. Ahem. See the cards I made are on their spines slotted between the clear drawers full of foam pads, stickies etc and the basket that's meant to hold stamps awaiting cleaning. Epic fail on the sorting front then. Oh well. And those two little words just might be the whole reason that I'm not progressing....oh well. Kinda doesn't matter/no bother/it's OK. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a middle child. Or something.
Anyway, show me your 400th desk will ya?  Put WOYWW in your post title so we can find it easily and then link that post here. Have a lovely 400th!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Sometimes, you just cant tell

Honestly, I spent a happy four hours at my desk last weekend, and came up with one card. I was trying too hard, to keep it at to reproduce but somehow amazingly different as well. I started as I always do with white card. I was going to do a grey ink base image and a really colourful window image with a darker outline to accentuate the detail. And of course, I go straight to a pre-folded card because I now it's an idea that will work first time.
Grim. Too white, too small, not enough detail. Hmmm, start again. It's Ok though, because the painty part is very soothing. So I graduated to black card, for the sake of the paints really, H2Os and Perfect pearls, all look better on dark card, I think.
 So I decided to change the shape of the painted area as well, and make these little windows. They looked ridiculous cut out and stuck on top of the much large whole pattern, so then I thought to use the cut out piece as a stencil. Cue more embossing, painting and at this stage, some cursing. Why on earth couldn't I get it to go right?
You can just see above where the stripes were. I painted the whole image after I realised that the stripes were ridiculous!
So then I cut into another sheet of black card, embossed another whole image and cut a scalloped oval from another piece of scrap. I painted through that. By now, the light was fading and I'm using one eye to see properly, and controlling the almost imperceptible tremor in my right hand by using the most ridiculously fine paintbrush. I wasn't unimpressed with the idea, but the execution was sloppy. Nice photo of the shine on the paints though!

So I lay in bed that night, thinking about the options I've already explored, and the starting point. And decided to go back to that starting point. Cut out a die shape to create a coloured window to stick on top of the bigger, whole uncoloured image. And I did. It's OK, but for four hours? Two things come from it. I had a nice time. And keep it simple. Although I still think it's a little lacking. Maybe its the wrong image? Spare me.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 399

Three hundred and ninety nine. Seriously that's a lot of weeks and I've really only just realised. How many times you've witnessed the mess and read of the  excuses. Oh my word. Well if nothing else, I'm incredibly consistent.
Taken just before 4.30 yesterday, after a sort of tidy. You can still see the precarious piles at right, but at least they aren't just piles of same old. This time they speak of work that has been carried out. I wonder how long it will be before I move that little pot of water. Away from the table edge would be good, if not into the kitchen! So you see the detritus of workshop sample making, and I've cleared a bit so I can now cut and prepare the cardstock etc. There's a small canvas at left that I made for a sweet friend years ago. It needs some attention to the photo and I'm now at the stage of not wanting responsibility for it any more, so it shall be on my to do list this week!
Last week's comment box problem was fixed for me by Leelou Blogs, who designed this new look. I love it, hope you enjoy its lack of clutter as much as I do. Show me how it's going on your desk then...put WOYWW in your blog post title and link it here, fab.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 398

I've made a fine mess and a reasonably productive mess too - cards for workshops are on my agenda. The angle of the smaller guillotine suggests a landslide. It's a correct suggestion but luckily I was sitting at the desk and so was able to put my hand out to stop everything - and by some force of inertia, everything did stop and so I left it like that!
Even though I've used it and finished with it, the Visible Image stamp that's lying face up there in the centre is clean. I cleaned it. Now of course I need to put it away, but goodness, if I do all that in the same sitting, even I'll start worrying about me!
The box of coffee pods at right is a box of coffee pods, waiting to be wrapped, with the other box as a gift. Nothing on this desk is waiting to be altered into a coloured version of itself!

The plastic boxes under the coffee pods  are filled with clear and cling stamps. I don't use these often, but am dissatisfied with the storage, so of course, I haven't put them away..the idea being that them being in my way will prompt me to do something....ha!
Forgive me for not visiting at all last week, I was full of snot and sore and now I have a wonky half head of tubes, it knocked me sideways by overwhelming all my working tubes! And also this week, you'll miss LLJ...the next two or three weeks are too full and haphazard in the internet stakes for her whilst she shifts West, so only expect her when you see her, wont you.
So if you got through all of that, take this as an invitation please, to show us your desk. Put WOYWW in your post title and ink it here. Thank you. Oh and put the kettle on... this is meant to be fun..!